OpenCV For Beginners

Get started in Computer Vision with OpenCV

Start your AI Journey with OpenCV!

What topics will we cover?

The course will cover the basics of Computer Vision using OpenCV. You will learn the following in this course:

  1. OpenCV Installation in C++ and Python
  2. Handling Images and Videos in OpenCV
  3. Basic Image Processing in OpenCV
  4. Handling Mouse and Keyboard
  5. Basic Image Transformations
  6. Image Enhancement
  7. Face Detection using Haar Cascades
  8. Face Detection using Deep Learning
  9. Image Classification using HoG and SVM
  10. Image Classification using Deep Learning
  11. Object Detection using Deep Learning
  12. Facial Landmark Detection

Your Instructor

Satya Mallick, PhD.
Satya Mallick, PhD.

Satya is an entrepreneur who loves Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He has more than a dozen years of experience (and a Ph.D.) in the field. Recently Satya was named among the top 30 AI influencers to follow on Twitter by IBM's AI Blog.

Right out of school, Satya co-founded TAAZ Inc, a computer vision company in the beauty and fashion industry. The technology he and his team built has reached more than 100M users. He has been featured in numerous online articles on sites like TechCrunch, IBM, HuffingtonPost and WSJ to name a few.

Today, Satya runs a successful consulting company that helps companies solve complex problems in wide ranging areas like document analysis, face recognition, surveillance, object detection and classification, medical image processing and vision applications in retail.

Satya is also the principal author of -- a popular computer vision and machine learning blog.